Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Visual Trends 2017

2017 is the year we return to organic roots. Upcycling, alternative farming and engineering nature are trends dominating design disciplines such as fashion, homeware and colours, and will influence compositions and visual trends within graphic design, illustration and photography.
The rising technology-driven Generation Z are awash with images everyday, and produce their own onto an array of social media platforms. With the danger of this environment becoming easily artificial, 2017 will see a return to the natural. Society is craving raw emotion, unfiltered imperfection, individuality and non-manufactured resources.

Pantone has crowned the colour for 2017 as Greenery – based on its representation of new beginnings, freshness and environmentalism.

 As well as greenery, expect to see a rise in deep hues such as khaki and olive green, working alongside brick reds, maroon brown and charcoal grey to recreate a sense of rich and earthy minerals and materials.
This is an example taken from Viewpoint Colour - a colour futures magazine by FranklinTill Studio with support from Pantone. You will see pages from the magazine throughout this article. 

 The long-term colour forecast, as given by Pantone’s Viewpoint Colour magazine, is a trend in primary colours of red, blue and green – colours often used on country flags. In complex times we look to restricted, uncompromising pallets, the magazine states.

Branding will be more focussed on what the product looks like itself, rather than the packaging that conceals it. There’s a demand for truth to be on display.
This couldn’t be more evident than in food packaging. Transparent bottles and easily readable ingredients emerge as we become more concerned with where our food or product has come from and the process involved in production and manufacturing. Government’s are questioning introducing sugar tax, superfoods like kale and avocado are becoming a social media phenomenon and you’re bound to meet a proud vegetarian or vegan if you haven’t already.

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