Thursday, January 14, 2021

Steampunk Tendencies




What have you heard about it? 

Perhaps now you will remember steam-powered machines, flying boats and submarines.



If you want to use Steampunk style for decorating interior, you should consider using the following features:

1) Decorative objects must be functional. You can put it vice versa: utilitarian objects serve as decoration. Example items include computer key boards, electric guitars machine parts such as gears and leverage

2) A lot of metal in décor. Copper, bronze, iron, brass – all these materials can be used to recreate the steampunk look

3) Finishes: leather, dark wood, untreated stone, bricks

4) Dark colours: grey, brown, black, subtle red

5) Antique clocks and vintage maps

6) Victorian furniture and accessories

7) Urban entourage such as factory metal tubes, red brick, gas lamps...


source : Steampunk Style in Interior Design

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